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No jobs for Europe's brightest graduates

21.10.13 @ 18:05

"I am only 22 and I am at the worst age of my life," says political science graduate Despina Papadaki.


Roma: Europe's easiest scapegoats

14.10.13 @ 09:09

Members of the European Parliament held an emergency meeting earlier in October to discuss the better integration of Europe's most vulnerable minority - the Roma.

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Activists barge in on EU's economic headquarters

15.03.13 @ 15:14

Dozens of activists paid an unwelcome visit to the EU's economic headquarters.

MEP witnesses 'life or death' plight of Syria refugees

22.02.13 @ 09:26

Around 850,000 Syrians have been officially registered as refugees since the start of the uprising in March 2011, according to the UN's refugee agency. Over 250,000 are in neighbouring Jordan.

Fair pay for artists in the digital era

03.12.12 @ 13:39

How can the rules for collective management of copyrights be adapted to the age of digital music? This was the key question at the EUobserver conference on E-Culture and collective management of creative rights.

Farmers douse EU quarter with 1,000s of litres of milk

26.11.12 @ 19:50

European milk farmers dumped 15,000 litres of milk on the doorstep of the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday and created chaos in the heart of the EU quarter.

Tough greeting for Ponta in Brussels

12.07.12 @ 08:34

Romanian expats in Brussels gather at the European Commission headquarters to tell Prime Minister Victor Ponta to "stop faking democracy" and to abide by EU law.

A banker's farewell party

09.07.12 @ 07:50

The crisis may be felt in everyone's pockets, but bankers spare no expenses when it comes to celebrating their top brass. Including renting castles, sopranos and painters.