Wind Energy

Wind Energy

02.02.12 @ 08:48

Europe is the world's biggest fan of wind energy. But other parts of the world, notably China, are catching up fast. EUobserver explores the issues in this section.


07.02.12 @ 19:33

Europe at an energy crossroads

02.02.12 @ 08:47

Wind energy: Good or bad?

02.02.12 @ 08:46

Wind energy in figures

Germany to cut solar energy subsidies

23.02.12 @ 09:29

Germany's solar power industry could cool as Berlin plans to cut subsidies in a sector whose energy capacity output has successfully more than doubled the government’s projected target.

Sahara wind and sun to power EU homes

02.02.12 @ 08:47

This year, somewhere in Morocco, work will begin on the construction of what is to become a vast network of solar and wind energy farms in the Sahara to provide 15 percent of Europe's electricity.

Energy democracy: New Danish wind firm rattles industry

02.02.12 @ 08:47

A young entrepreneur from Denmark is well underway to establish himself as a thorn in the side of traditional energy companies. Since 1 January, he sells wind energy at a lower price than average and is overrun by clients.

Denmark leads EU countries on wind energy

08.02.12 @ 09:05

European wind energy is picking up as recently released statistics by the European Wind Energy Association show an upward spike in the number of wind farms created, amount invested, and energy generated.

EU wind policies: never enough of a good thing

02.02.12 @ 17:26

The European Commission is fond of saying how important wind is as a renewable energy source - but critics says its words are not matched by funding.

Clouds hang over EU wind industry, but sunshine ahead

02.02.12 @ 08:47

Clouds hang over the European wind industry. But while short-term forecasts are likely to remain gloomy, sunshine is predicted for the longer-term.