27th Feb 2017


US bank predicts euro to fall below dollar

Analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch said Monday the euro will fall below parity with the US dollar by the end of 2016 for the first time since 2002. They said this will likely follow more money-printing by the ECB, despite modest pan-EU growth at the end of 2015.


EU tackles CO2 threat This WEEK

EU states will haggle over the reform of a carbon trade system, while MEPs vote on overhauling EU car emissions oversight.

Column / Health Matters

The yin and yang of Chinese medicine

Can traditional Chinese medicine help the modern European patient? Malta thinks so, in a new agreement with China.

News in Brief

  1. EU: No military solution to Nagorno-Karabakh war
  2. EU adopts visa-free brake mechanism
  3. Trump and Brexit drew on same resources
  4. Romanian protestors form EU flag at anti-government rally
  5. Over 3,500 attacks on refugees in Germany: report
  6. Merger of London and Berlin stock exchanges in doubt
  7. Spanish court jails former IMF chief Rato
  8. Macron proposes Nordic-style economic model for France

Stakeholders' Highlights

  1. QS World MBA TourMeet with Leading International Business Schools in Brussels on March 6th
  2. EURORDISJoin Rare Disease Day and Help Advocate for More Research on Rare Diseases
  3. European Healthy Lifestyle AllianceStudents Who Are Considered Fit Get Better Grades in School
  4. QS World MBA TourMeet with Leading International Business Schools in Paris on March 4th
  5. Malta EU 2017Economic Governance: Agreement Reached on Structural Reform Support Programme for Member States
  6. Socialists & DemocratsWomen Have to Work Ten Years Longer to Match Lifetime Earnings of Men
  7. Counter BalanceTrans-Adriatic Pipeline Is a Major Risk for Banks, Warns New Analysis
  8. Martens CentreEU and US Migration Policies Compared: Join the Debate on February 28th
  9. Swedish EnterprisesTechnology and Data Flows - Shaping the Society of Tomorrow
  10. UNICEFNearly 1.4 Million Children at Risk of Death as Famine Looms Across Africa and Yemen
  11. Malta EU 2017End of Roaming Fees: Council Reaches Agreement on Wholesale Caps
  12. Nordic Council of MinistersNordic Innovation House Opens in New York to Help Startups Access US Market