24th Feb 2017

German minister - "never" to Turkey-EU membership

Candid comments made by the Danish foreign minister and filmed by a Danish TV producer could trouble the entire political process of aligning Turkey with EU membership.

Danish DR television will present on 22 April the documentary "Fogh behind the façade", which has already caused diplomatic rows between Denmark, Turkey and Germany well before it is presented, as it reveals the German foreign minister confiding that "Turkey will never join the EU".

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  • NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN: "I am a good friend of Joschka, and he tells me, that Turkey will never join", says the Danish foreign minister PER STIG MØLLER in a corridor passage which was taped and used in the film. (Photo: Folketinget)

During four months of the Danish EU presidency, TV director Christoffer Guldbrandsen shadowed the Danish Premier Anders Fogh Rasmussen and filmed EU meetings normally closed to the public. The whole idea was to show the public how the political processes work in an attempt to improve transparency.

The programme was approved personally by the Premier and also seen by his top adviser, Nils Bernstein. But they both overlooked – or let slip – a sequence displaying a politically charged statement by German foreign minister Joschka Fischer where he revealed his personal views to Danish foreign minister Per Stig Møller, on Turkish membership of the European Union.

"I am a good friend of Joschka, and he tells me, that Turkey will never join", says the Danish foreign minister Per Stig Møller in a corridor passage which was taped and used in the film.

The political opposition to the Liberal prime minister is furious and says the episode risks severely damaging international diplomatic relations. The episode has also cooled relations between the conservative foreign minister and the liberal premier.

According to Berlingske Tidende, the German foreign ministry has already sent out an official denial through its Ankara embassy.

The film has already been showed in Sweden and Turkey and can be seen on Polish TV tonight.

Turbulence in Danish government after Fogh-film

Danish ambassador to the EU, Poul Skytte Christoffersen was seen as the real brain behind the successful negotiations of enlargement during the Danish EU presidency, which concluded on a high note in December last year by hosting the Copenhagen Summit. However, he is apparently a victim of a fight between the Danish EU foreign ministry and the ministry of state and will now be moved to Rome.

MEPs set to approve Canada trade deal

The European Parliament is expected to give the green light to the EU-Canada free trade agreement, which would start being implemented in April.

EU leaders to discuss migration, in Trump's shadow

New US president Trump overshadows the Malta summit of EU leaders on Friday, as they discuss the bloc's future amid new geopolitical realities, and step up efforts to stop migration via Libya from North African countries.

EU leaders must stand up to Trump, say MEPs

MEPs have urged the EU to stand up for European values, starting with rejecting Trump's presumed choice for US ambassador, who has stated that he wants to "tame" the bloc.

France's Macron issues Brexit warning

The centrist presidential candidate tells talented Britons to come to France and warns against giving the UK "undue advantages" after Brexit, in a speech in London.

French police raid Le Pen's party office

Officers raid the National Front headquarters near Paris over allegations that leader Marine Le Pen used fake EU parliament contracts to pay her personal staff.

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