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Top stories
1 day ago
Maltese centre-right MEP Roberta Metsola was re-elected president of the European Parliament for another two years and a half mandate, pledging to keep Ukraine high on the agenda and to fight for the assembly's right to initiative. 
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6 hours ago
The European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán’s visit to Russia as a “blatant violation” of EU treaties and foreign policy, but the vote also revealed the new group of Russia-friendly MEPs.
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10 hours ago
In the emerging security landscape, the establishment of the European Defence Union is not just a strategic necessity; it is a moral imperative to ensure the safety and stability of Europe for generations to come.
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European Political Community

Plenary vote on European Commission president

Foreign Affairs Council


What if we are fighting inflation all wrong?

23 days ago
In a new paper, two economists argue that the EU needs a system of price controls and buffer stocks to prevent future inflation and shouldn't just leave it to the ECB to fight price rises through interest rates after the fact.
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How QAnon pushed climate-denialism into European mainstream

16 days ago
Climate-change deniers and anti-vaxxers are converging online in far-right conspiracy groups, according to an investigation by the nonprofit investigative newsroom Lighthouse Reports and EUobserver, taking in everything from 15-minute cities to net zero.
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EU Migration ‘schizophrenia’: Need workers, close borders?

19 days ago
With the need for one million foreign workers annually, the EU introduced Talent Partnerships to bring in non-EU citizens to fill gaps in the labour market. Pilot projects only led to a small number of recruitments so far, with partner countries required to cooperate on border protection and returns.
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