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Top stories

1 day ago
French president Emmanuel Macron's parliamentary election gamble has send shockwaves through France and beyond, now even causing the captain of the national football team to chime in. But what can be expected from the French vote, and what happens after the polls?
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3 hours ago
With the names of the three major candidates clear and agreed upon by the three main political families, reaching a preliminary deal on the EU's trio of top jobs (Commission, Parliament and Council presidencies) seemed straightforward — until Monday night's dinner proved otherwise. 
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7 hours ago
The EU Commission is preparing debt procedures for France and six other countries for their breach of EU spending rules — preparing the way for a hard fiscal fight later this year.
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European Council

European Council


Five things to know about the European elections in Germany

20 days ago
As the largest member state in the 27-nation bloc, the distribution of its 96 seats is important in shaping the future of EU decision-making. Here's what to expect from the European elections in Germany.
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Disinformation often worst three days ahead of EU elections, says official

13 days ago
EU officials are raising the alarm at the increasing sophistication of disinformation campaigns — as tens of millions of European citizens head to the voting booths over the next few days.
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Turnout: the highs, the lows, and the outliers

1 month ago
The June 2024 election will show whether 2019’s boost in turnout has halted a 30-year decline — or was just a temporary blip.
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