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Top stories

2 days ago
Ongoing EU-Russia trade after two years of war continues to dwarf the next increment of European sanctions.
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1 day ago
Ursula von der Leyen’s bid for re-election as EU Commission president is increasingly under pressure after group reshuffles in the European Parliament.
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2 days ago
China piled diplomatic pressure on a raft of countries in a bid to dissuade them from attending last weekend’s peace talks summit in Geneva aimed at ending Russia’s war in Ukraine. 
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European Council

European Council


Five things to know about the European elections in Germany

23 days ago
As the largest member state in the 27-nation bloc, the distribution of its 96 seats is important in shaping the future of EU decision-making. Here's what to expect from the European elections in Germany.
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Disinformation often worst three days ahead of EU elections, says official

17 days ago
EU officials are raising the alarm at the increasing sophistication of disinformation campaigns — as tens of millions of European citizens head to the voting booths over the next few days.
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Italy's journalism never recovered from Berlusconi — under Meloni, it's getting worse

3 days ago
'Today it's less risky to criticise the Pope, even very harshly, than the CEO of a company,' one Italian journalist told EUobserver. Italy's freedom of the press — never recovered from the era of Silvio Berlusconi, has got worse under Georgia Meloni, with a harsh new defamation law and corporate buyouts of independent news agencies.
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