25th May 2016

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EUobserver is an independent online newspaper which values free thinking and plain speech. We aim to support European democracy by giving people the information they need to hold the EU establishment to account.

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EUobserver is a non-profit organisation established in Brussels in 2000. It is financially and editorially independent of the EU institutions. Our team of experienced journalists file daily news reports from the EU capital and beyond and do in-depth investigations on topics of special interest. If you want EUobserver to look into a specific issue, please contact our editors. We protect our sources.



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For opinion submissions, we recommend pieces of 600–800 words. Due to the volume of submissions, EUobserver only responds to submissions we are interested in publishing.


Eric Maurice


Eric Maurice has been working for EUobserver since 2015. He was previously editor in chief of the European news website Presseurop. He is from France, where he worked for Courrier international after having studied history of international relations and journalism in Paris.

Andrew Rettman

Foreign editor and journalist

Andrew has been writing on foreign relations for EUobserver since 2005. He is Polish and has a degree in English literature from Oxford University. He also contributes to The Guardian, The Telegraph and to Intelligence Online.

Nikolaj Nielsen


Nikolaj joined EUobserver in 2012 and covers home affairs. He is originally from Denmark, but spent much of his life in France and in the US. He won a King Baudouin Foundation grant for investigative journalism in 2010.

Peter Teffer


Peter joined EUobserver in 2014 and covers energy, environment, transport and food. He is from the Netherlands, where he continues to write for Dutch media such as NRC Handelsblad. He studied journalism in Utrecht, Ottawa and Aarhus and political science in Amsterdam.

Eszter Zalan


Eszter is from Hungary. She reported on conflict and war zones for Nepszabadsag, the largest Hungarian daily, for several years, and has also covered Hungary for Agence France Presse. Eszter joined EUobserver in 2015.

Meg Chang

Head of operations

Meg joined EUobserver in 2011 and is responsible for the organisation's business operations, including sales, marketing, social media and finance. American born, she previously worked as a business executive and consultant for companies in the US, Europe and Asia.

Daniele Castaldelli

Account manager

Daniele joined EUobserver in 2013. He manages relationships with our clients, as well as general marketing and sales. He moved to Brussels from Italy, where he graduated in political science with a thesis on EU lobbying.

Tobias Andreasen

Design and creative

Online since 1998. Studied at The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. Has worked for a number of larger clients in Denmark, larger Newspapers, Television Networks among others. Still working and growing stronger, to give viewers the best user experience – online as well as offline.

Martin Koch Andersen


Martin created the EUobserver website and its backend systems and has managed EUobserver's technical operations since its birth. He is based in Denmark and has a master's degree in software development from the IT University in Copenhagen.

Lisbeth Kirk


Lisbeth is the founder of EUobserver. She oversees strategic development of our news service, including cross-border and investigative journalism. She has a degree from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Prior to EUobserver, she worked as a journalist, analyst, editor, and consultant for Danish media, including Notat and Danmarks Radio.


EUobserver is a non-profit organisation established as an ASBL under Belgian law. Our board consists of:

Christian Harlang

Christian is a law practitioner working with both national and international law, and known for doing litigation in milestone cases on constitutional and human rights. He has more than 25 years experience of being a board member for companies and philanthropic foundations.

Paul Kidner

Paul leads the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center - an NGO programme dedicated to supporting the creation of new businesses in Greece. He has also developed and launched a specialised platform to create new sources of seed-funding for aspiring entrepreneurs. Paul has 20 years of experience in business development, innovation and social impact.

Martin Moos

Martin joined the board in 2011. Based in Copenhagen, he is the founder and CEO of ColorClub, a graphic design firm with branches in Denmark, Sweden and Asia.

Saskia Horsch

Saskia joined the board of EUobserver in 2014. She is head of Public Policy Germany and CEE at Amazon. A qualified lawyer with over 10 years of experience in public affairs, she previously worked with Brussels-based consultancy firms as well as at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition.

Andras Baneth

Andras heads the Public Affairs Council’s European office, the largest global association of public affairs professionals. He has worked in the European Commission and the European Court of Justice and wrote the bestselling ’The Ultimate EU Test Book’. Andras joined EUobserver’s board in 2014.

Free Press

EUobserver is the only independent news media covering EU affairs in Brussels and all 28 member states. We are not funded by the EU institutions. We generate our own income from subscriptions, advertising and news-syndication. We also receive institutional grant support from Adessium Foundation. In 2014, we were awarded a project grant from the Open Society Foundations.

Editorial Policy

EUobserver is committed to achieving the highest standards of due accuracy and impartiality. We adhere to the Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists. We reserve the right to refuse any submitted content if the content fails to meet our standards.

We promptly correct factual errors and welcome additional information or opinions. Please email us for any corrections, clarifications or updates.

EUobserver 2014 Revenue Breakdown

We welcome financial contributions designed to support high quality journalism, to help us translate our stories into other languages, and to sponsor journalist training. We also welcome co-operation with other media or independent journalists on cross-border projects. If you want to get involved, please contact us.

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