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Top stories

17 hours ago
MEPs have approved a long-fought over supply chain law, which aims to hold large companies accountable for their impact on humans and the environment. 
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55 minutes ago
MEPs are preparing to take the European Commission to court over its new €7.4bn aid package for Egypt, pointing to the human rights abuses presided over by president Abdel Fattah el Sisi's government.  
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1 hour ago
Drawing on his 30 years’ experience in the Brussels bubble, a journalism professor's top tips on communicating the EU more clearly, concisely and convincingly.
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Informal meeting of the General Affairs Council

Agriculture and Fisheries Council

Informal meeting of the General Affairs Council

Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council

Lithuanian presidential elections

EU elections

EU elections

EU elections

EU elections


EU reliant on Russian LNG for time being, finds report

5 days ago
The European Union will remain reliant on Russian overseas liquified natural gas supply for some years to come, warned energy watchdog Acer, amid calls to cut off supply completely.
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Welcome to the new EUobserver

8 days ago
New website, same EUobserver. Come explore its updated look, features and possibilities for the future with us.
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Russian disinfo warfare also uses the 'meat waves' military tactic

2 days ago
Like sending barely-trained and unarmed soldiers to the front line, the 'meat waves' of Russian information warfare are not aiming to penetrate Western information space by being exceptionally smart – they are simply seeking to overwhelm it with great numbers of pro-Kremlin, anti-Ukrainian and/or conspiracy narratives.
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