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Top stories

23 hours ago
Donors, including Germany, the UK and the EU, have already announced dramatic budget cuts to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.
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16 hours ago
Hungary has signalled a conformist EU presidency, despite a wry slogan evoking its leader's far-right populism.
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18 hours ago
Europe has approved millions in support for research programmes involving Israeli participants since the Hamas attack of 7 October 2023, and the ensuing Israel-Gaza war
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European Council

European Council


Five things to know about the European elections in Germany

19 days ago
As the largest member state in the 27-nation bloc, the distribution of its 96 seats is important in shaping the future of EU decision-making. Here's what to expect from the European elections in Germany.
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Disinformation often worst three days ahead of EU elections, says official

12 days ago
EU officials are raising the alarm at the increasing sophistication of disinformation campaigns — as tens of millions of European citizens head to the voting booths over the next few days.
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Turnout: the highs, the lows, and the outliers

1 month ago
The June 2024 election will show whether 2019’s boost in turnout has halted a 30-year decline — or was just a temporary blip.
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