19th Jun 2018

Sweden tops world democracy ranking

Sweden has a near perfect democracy, followed by Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark, according to a survey of 167 countries by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

With countries ranked according to their electoral process, government functioning, political participation, political culture and civil liberties, 17 EU member states made it on to the 28-strong 'full democracies' list.

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  • Democracy: from the classical Greek term meaning rule by the people (Photo: wikipedia)

Slovenia comes in last on that list but the UK and France - ranked 23 and 24 - fare only just better.

The explanatory note for the UK suggests this is due to it having the lowest political participation in the developed world. It calls this a "major problem" along with, but to a lesser extent, the erosion of civil liberties.

France's comparatively low score is because of "modest scores for the functioning of government, political participation and political culture."

Italy, notes the study, performs even worse falling into the 'flawed democracy' category "as a result of problems in functioning and the electoral process, as well as weaknesses in the political culture."

Italy joins seven other EU countries in the flawed section with Poland rounding off the EU rankings coming in last at number 46 on the list.

With six central and eastern European countries in the flawed category, the democracy index notes that "much of eastern Europe illustrates the difference between formal and substantive democracy."

"The new EU members from the region have pretty much equal levels of political freedom and civil liberties as the old developed EU, but lag significantly in political participation and political culture - a reflection of widespread anomie and weaknesses of democratic development."

Bulgaria and Romania, joining the EU in January, are ranked 49 and 50 respectively in the world and sit in the flawed democracies section.

World rankings

Australia is the first non-European country in the democracy index coming in at number eight, followed by Canada and Switzerland.

The US comes in at number 17, a relatively low ranking which the study attributes to "some aspects of governance and civil liberties."

At the other end of the scale, Uzbekistan, a country which the EU is currently considering softening its relations towards, ranks 160 out of 167, slightly higher than Libya, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Togo, Chad, Central Africa and North Korea, which trails the list.

In all, over half of the world's population lives in some sort of democracy, but just 13 percent in full democracies, according to this study. Meanwhile, with 55 countries falling in the worst category, almost 40 percent of people live under authoritarian rule.

EU states set to back some asylum reform laws

Efforts to reform 'Dublin', a regulation that determines who is responsible for asylum applications, remain mired in controversy. But other less contentious reforms that make up EU asylum laws have already reached provisional agreements.


The Baltic 'Big Sea' strategy

The Baltic Sea is almost an inland European lake - it borders Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kaliningrad and Russia. It also has an EU strategy - and an action plan.


Is EU retail sector equipped for 21st century?

After a thorough analysis in cooperation with EU countries we have identified many regulatory restrictions that hamper innovation and investment in the retail sector.

EU asylum claims drop, Germany registers most

EU states, plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, registered 728,470 asylum applications last year, a 44 percent drop compared to 2016. Germany had the highest registrations at 222,560, followed by Italy and France.


The Baltic 'Big Sea' strategy

The Baltic Sea is almost an inland European lake - it borders Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kaliningrad and Russia. It also has an EU strategy - and an action plan.

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