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Top stories

4 days ago
India is mulling whether to impose its own carbon tax to offset losses from the EU’s new carbon levy on imports. 
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16 hours ago
An informal meeting in Budapest organised by the EU presidency was snubbed by more than half of EU member states, overshadowing talks on migration and security.
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14 hours ago
An in-depth report by DeSmog reveals that flagship initiatives to ensure “responsible sourcing” for the global aquafeed industry are being undermined by systemic conflicts of interest, endangering efforts to safeguard critical fish stocks in West Africa.
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What if we are fighting inflation all wrong?

29 days ago
In a new paper, two economists argue that the EU needs a system of price controls and buffer stocks to prevent future inflation and shouldn't just leave it to the ECB to fight price rises through interest rates after the fact.
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Capital Markets Union will not foot Europe’s climate bill, says report

7 days ago
In an effort to save money, the EU hopes private financiers will foot "most" of the climate bill. But a new report dispels these hopes, calling them "wishful thinking."
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Biden's future in doubt among EU friends after new blunders

11 days ago
EU leaders stuck by US president Joe Biden despite his striking gaffes in Washington, but behind the scenes diplomats fear he'll be forced to step aside.
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